Fighting processionary caterpillars is a job for the craftsman


However, it is true that the professional, especially in the processionary caterpillar season, does not always have the time to fight processionary caterpillars. And that while the stinging hairs of the caterpillar fly around your ears and can cause you, your children and your pets a lot of irritation and sometimes even stuffiness. You leave the control of processionary caterpillars to the professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take action yourself to minimize the problem in the meantime. You cannot fight the processionary caterpillar, but you can fix the nest. You do this with a special, biological and 100% degradable agent. This way you ensure that the caterpillars stay where they are. The people fighting processionary caterpillars in Tilburg can then remove the complete nest.

Fighting processionary caterpillars is not without danger

Not only because of those nasty stinging hairs that come loose and can cause considerable irritation. The control processionary caterpillar will be able to dress well against this. But did you know that processionary caterpillars prefer to go high in the trees? They make their nest there and then, in procession, explore the area and make new nests. So it is almost always a job that has to be done at a great height for the pest controller you hire. A ladder is often not enough for this and an aerial platform must be used.

Should processionary caterpillars be fought?

Must is a big word. But if the processionary caterpillar is not controlled, it will continue to move and expand. This can cause more and more trees and gardens in the area to be “contaminated”. The nuisance of the caterpillars also increases the more there are. The municipality is tackling public roads by engaging experienced pest controllers there. Do you want to get rid of your nest of processionary caterpillars in your garden? Then you will have to find a fighter for that yourself.

Find a fighter online for the processionary caterpillars in your garden

You really don’t have to make too much effort to find a reliable fighter against processionary caterpillars. For example, you click on the link above and you will soon see who you can call or email in your area. A quote will always be given and the caterpillars removed without affecting your garden. Call as soon as you see the first signs of a nest of processionary caterpillars. Before you know it, your entire garden will be covered and the caterpillars pose a serious health hazard.

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